The Journey Report

Student name : Thanarat Worasuwannaphorn

University : Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

  1. School : General Information and Academic Administration

1.1 School profile
School Name :  SMP Negeri 2 Banjarmasin
School Statistics Number (NSS) : 201156002002: 201156002002

School Address
a. Road / Village : Jl. Batu Benawa No. 33 / Teluk Dalam
b. District : Central Banjarmasin
c. City : Banjarmasin

School Status : Country
Established in the year : 1955

Decision Letter
a. Official : Indonesian Minister of National
b. Number and Date : 3705 / III / 1955 dated July 21, 1955
Management Time : morning at 07.30 wita 13.45. wita

1.2 Academic support system
– P.E. Center
– Science room
– Medical Clinique
– Music room
– Library
– Computer room

1.3 Teaching system
In SMPN2 Junior high school, there are students grade 7 – 9, each grade consists of 8 classes. Each day, Students have to study 8 classes.

1.4 Materials and other learning sources
The materials and the learning sources consist of
– Printed visual aids, games
– Power point presentation
– Library

1.5 Measurement and evaluation system
 The P-12 Basic Education Program uses standards competency-based grading system. The minimum ratings needed to pass a subject or learning area is 50, which 50 – 60 transmuted equivalent to be 1, 61 – 70 to be 2, 71 – 80 to be 3, 81 – 100 to be 4 Quarterly Grades and Semester Grades.

1.6 General Curriculum
The main curriculum for making the lesson plan and teach is P-12.

1.7 Teaching plan
The teaching plans of English major focus on having students use English through creative activities and also having student focus on value of the lesson that relate with the Adjective of daily life. For the content of grade 7 – 9, The teaching should focus on having students learn how to use English language in various purposes.

2.Pedagogical Contents

2.1 Teaching methods
The teaching methods used in teaching English for grade 7 is follow P-12 curriculum and focus on communicative approach.

2.2 Learning materials and innovation
Most materials used in teaching is group work on each topic, creative activities by picture , and games. So, students will have comprehension and communication skills.

2.3 Sources of learning and technology
– Game (ฺBy using pictures , vocabularies, and charades)
– Test

2.4 Authentic assessment
Students will be assessed by their performance, product and behavior.

3.Observation in Teach(s) in the Classroom

3.1 Planning for teaching
1. Study on the lesson from the cooperative
2. Create the lesson plans according to curriculum
3. Prepare the visual aids

3.2 Preparing lessons and materials
I have to study of the lesson first by focusing on the meaning of the terms. Next, I have to plan the lesson that I am going to teach and create lesson plan by setting the learning objective and then, create the activities or games to make students focusing on the lesson.

3.3 Teaching in class ?
In class, I have to teach all parts that we write done on the lesson plan. First, warm-up step; we have to crate motivation on the lesson. Next, presentation step; we have to teach, discuss on the topic and let students discuss as much as they can. Then, practice step, students show how do they understand the lesson. After that, production step; I have to let them do the activity which they can produce what they learnt. And the last step is wrap-up step; I have to wrap up or summarize the lesson briefly.

3.4 Measurement and evaluation ?
I have to create the way to measure and evaluate student’s comprehension and abilities on learning objective in creative ways so, students have to think and apply their knowledge and skills to finish the assignment. We have to measures both their knowledge skills and behavior.

3.5 The overall impression to the teacher performances ?
Teacher had a technical plan to make students more understanding and enjoyful. The teacher can make the classroom to be a good atmosphere to learn. He is very friendly for his every students. He let them to discuss about the exercise, to ask him the questions and he had a good commication for students also.

4. Teaching Plan

4.1 Curriculum related to major
Oliva’s curriculum
It is defined in the process. Strategy and techniques in the teaching, such as, of course, is the process of solution, of course, is to stay together as a group. Group work, of course, is the individual study, of course, is a project or the Department of teaching and learning.

4.2 Teaching plan related to major
– Core Competencies
– Learning  Objectives
– Basic competencies and indicator
– Resource materials
– Procedure
– Learning Activities
– Media learning
– Learning Resources
– Assessment of learning outcomes

5. Teaching Practice

5.1 Procedures of teaching
– First, I studied the lesson and prepared the lesson plan and visual aids.
– Next, I submitted the lesson plan to my cooperative teacher to check and develop some points that necessary.
– I practiced teaching in class by following the lesson plan.
– I received evaluating results and comments from my cooperative teacher and try to improve them on the next demonstrate teaching.

5.2 Time management and organizing activities
– I prepare planing the lesson plan about the time that we have teach the classroom carefully.
– I was teaching in class I have to control the class discipline by using appropriate technique.

5.3 Problem – solving
– Classroom : The almost classroom in SMPN 2 have no fan or air conditioner. That means, when students have to study after afternoon they will lose their meditation to learn cause it’s hot.
– Teaching skills : I did not have enough experience to control the whole class. I have to learn from my cooperative teacher, ask teachers of SMPN 2, and my friend from the same university.
– Time control: I cannot manage the time because when I teach I think it’s not too fast but actually it’s very fast and I have to ask my cooperative teacher how to control the time and follow her way.

5.4 Classroom management
At first, it’s very hard to deal with the class because this is my new environment and what I knew is nothing, but after observation, I knew more about that and it made me improved myself then, I can manage the class with no problem. So I used a lot of activities to help me to deal with the students.

5.5 Your overall impression in teaching
Students had a good participation to enjoy the activities when I was teaching in the classroom. They were always hand up when I got them a question. I got them some rewards when students could make my questions. It can help them to more learn, to more focus on the lesson. Almost my lesson is activities, games, sometimes kind of enjoyment.

6. Summary and Suggestions

6.1 Purposes of practicum
 – Creating an exchange program that useful for ASEAN Education development.
– Having student teacher prepare themselves and improve their ability to be a good teacher.

6.2 Procedures of practicum
– Exchange Students learn how to teach by observation first.
– Exchange Students practice how to make the lesson plan of other country.
– Exchange Students experience the real environment of teaching in class.
– Exchange Students learn new culture and tradition of other country.

6.3 Outcomes of practicum
I experienced many things improving my life such as the real environment of teaching in class, the new culture and tradition, the ways for living, and especially, the connection of the people.

6.4 The challenges of practicum
I think that the most challenged thing for me is how to control the students because I don’t know their lifestyle, I don’t really know their culture and tradition, and I’m a bit afraid of teaching because I have never taught before. However, when I finished my teaching, I realized that it’s the best moment I cannot find from any places.

6.5 Overall impression
In my opinion, I totally say that this project is the great project because I got a lot of things from this project,that is not just only how to teach but I also got more knowledge about teaching, how to control the class, how to do the lesson plan, and especially, I got the best connection here. I love this country, I love the place, and I love people who treated me very good. I already had home here.

6.6 Suggestions for future improvement
This project is very useful for all students who want to be the teacher because they will get lots of knowledge about teaching and the most important is the connection. I wish this project will always be continued.

Week 1 : First Impression

First day, I arrived to Banjarmasin on January 17 in Banjarmasin air port. I was very excited. There are 3 people to welcome me, and one of them is an exchange student from Philippines. The exchange student is girl. Her name is Ruth. There are one who is a student from UNISKA University and another one is a teacher from UNISKA University also

After that, we went to a restaurant in somewhere Banjarmasin for having lunch.

When we finished the lunch, we were going to the rental house around the UNISKA. We found people who are an exchange students in there and found our friends from Thailand also. We did some activities at the house. We introduced ourselves for others We played games together. When we finish the activities , we were going to somewhere around UNISKA to have dinner together.

Next Day ( January 18 2019 )

I went to there with my friend and the exchange student from Philippines to connect with the director of school.

The headmaster, Mr. Satoli, is known to be a strict disciplinarian. The faculty and staff of this school are still trying to get to know him more as he was just assigned in this school since August of last year from SMP Negeri 2.

January 19 2019

For this day, all of us exchange students were asked to go to the UNISKA University to meet the Head of the Foundation, Mr. Abdul Malik and the University Rector Mr. Gusti Irhamni.

January 20 2019

My friends and I went to Boating market Banjarmasin by Mr. Henky (who is the one take care of us).
There are a lot of people in there . There are some shows in Boating market. There is a museum in there. It has things bought in museum and it is free for seeing. There is a boating on the river. We can get the boat to see around the river also. And there are sellers who bought somethings(Food, Fruits and Etc.) by riding a boat.

January 21 2019

We went to SMPN 2 School by Mr. Henky again. For this day, we had to walk in the school by Mr. Muhamad Fajeri , S.Pd who is the one of teacher in there. He told us about the each classrooms in school. And he brought us to check around the school , to introduced us to another teachers .

Computer lap
Space Flag
Music Chord

January 22 – 25 2019


Indonesia, students will be studied English when They are in 7 grade. I found the teachers who are the own classroom that I had to teach. In They gave me the advice how to deal with the students or the class. They told me, before the class will be begin, the students have to pray together. I had to teach 7 grade as 7C, 7G, and 7H.

The students was very cute when the teacher taught them. They always enjoyed with the lesson. They always listened to their teacher. Sometimes, the teacher let the students to discuss each other. The teacher always had activities to make his students focusing on the lesson.

My observation schedule

January 26 -27 2019

I spent a time doing materials of teaching for this few days
And it had no picture T T
we cooked the dinner together with my friends from Thailand in Mrs. Ratna house. Mrs. Ratna is head of international office in UNISKA University who was always looked after us.

Week 2 : First Teaching

January 28 – February 1 2019

For this week, I did my materials for students already. I had to speak English all the time. When students couldn’t understand me, I had my buddy in there also. Mu buddy can help me to translate it. They are Zainur Rahmah and Yosi Clara Dewanti. They always help me to do something as the teaching plan, the materials, Etc. They were very nice.

when I was teaching in the classroom , the students were very excited. They have never seen teacher from the another country before. They looked surprising while I taught them. They were always focusing on my lesson that I taught. Because this was first time that they saw a international teacher.

I had to follow up when I finished my class. I always asked my buddy, “How was I today ?” We always discussed about the class when I completed the class. That makes me can understand more when I have to teach the students.

I had to teach 2 – 3 periods for 1 day.
1 period is 40 minutes

My teaching schedule

February 2  2019

We had a dinner in UNISKA University as Gala Dinner. There were a lot of people in there. The teachers and the director from another school of my exchange student friends came to this dinner also. There are some show from UNISKA and Philippines also. And My friends from Thailand had to show something for them too.

Week 3 : Teaching part 2

February 4 – 8 2019

I had to teach students again but I had to change about the exercises and materials because this week it’s new meeting for me. I had to teach 4 meetings for 2 weeks as each week is 2 meetings. And this week I must sent my lesson plan to SNPN2 school. I had to test the students in last class of them.

This week, I got them some activities to get them to be funny for learning. They always enjoyed with my games. And they were very funny. And this week was a last week that I had to teach students. They were very sad HaHaHaHa.

February 5 2019

This day was Chinese New Year as day off. We went to Martapura to buy somethings preparing back to Thailand. We went to some market in Martapura. It has a lot of things in there especially the diamond. The name of market is Cahaya Bumi Selamat Market or CBS market.

Week 4 : Last journey

February 10 2019

My friends and I went to Barito Bridge in Barjarmasin. We went there by Go – Car application. We rode the boat to across to other side. It’s very funny and dangerous also. We took a lot of pictures in there. It was a last trip in Banjarmasin Indonesia. It is a good remember forever.

February 11 – 12 2019

We went to school to prepare the event of school. It was Birthday of school on February 13. We had to do somethings to help school as blowing the balloon.

February 13 2019

This day was like a birthday of school. In the morning, students had to walk around the school like a campaign. They were wearing a different dress to make it beautiful. When they finishedtheir campaign, they were showing some dancing ear classroom. It’s very enjoyable for students, teacher and me.

February 14 2019

This day was last day that I had to live in Banjarmasin. It’s very sad to say goodbye with my friends. We always helped each other to do something. I will not have forgot them forever .

See you

Thank You For Everything